I have been quilting and teaching quilting for 20 years.  It began simply enough with a love of color.  Once I began to sew, it grew into a love of fabric, and, well, you can imagine the rest…

Working at several quilt shops fed the passion, which blossomed into teaching and then designing my own patterns.  Along the way I have given lectures and trunk shows for quilt guilds, designed quilt patterns for fabric companies’ new lines, taught workshops and weekend retreats, and even been published in a couple magazines.

While I do so love the fabric and design aspects, it is the teaching and pattern-writing that give me the most satisfaction.  Seeing “the quilting bug” catch on, helping to guide people to that “aha!” moment, demonstrating special techniques, being able to ensure their success with a well-written and illustrated pattern – these are things that exhilarate me.

Humble Bee Quilt Works officially began in 2004.  Since that time there have been many changes in my life (children growing, moving houses, changing styles, etc.), but quilting always remains.  I even took a short break to go to school and become a nerd (computer security), but my heart always returns.

Visit us at Humblebeequiltworks.net





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